Cloud Foundry Networking on Bosh-lite

This post is deprecated, as cf-networking-release  is now part of  cf-deployment and deployed by default! Cloud Foundry Networking is a new Cloud Foundry project, currently in incubation, which provides policy-based container networking for Cloud Foundry. This release allows for the first time in cloud foundry direct tcp and udp connection between containers. This blog […]

Vagrant 101: An introduction

Not everyone is familiar with Vagrant, therefore here is a 101 introduction into Vagrant. Vagrant is an open source automation tool, initially developed by Mitchell Hashimoto in early 2010. Since the end of 2012 is Vagrant backed by a company called HashiCorp, which was formed by Mitchell to better support […]

creating a VMware CentOS 7 Template

This post will help your creating a CentOS 7 Template for VMware. Getting started Install CentOS 7 on any VMware virtualization product with “Minimal Install” for the software selection. You can find the most recent install image here. Please use a VM hardware version of 10, if you want to […]

Migrated blog to WordPress

finally I managed to migrate my blog from Blogger to my own WordPress installation! Yey! 🙂 A few things worth mentioning: There are a few reasons why I wanted to migrate but the most annoying thing to me was syntax highlighting.  I’m having a lot of posts with source code […]