creating Microsoft DNS zone delegation with powershell for Isilon SmartConnect

To prepare a Windows Server 2012 R2 for my Isilon lab I used Powershell v4 to configure the required DNS zone delegation. It turned out to be very easy and saved quite a few “clicks”. Therefore I think it is worth mentioning it in this short post:

For the example I’m using following values:

domain: emc.lab
SmartConnect zone name: isilonc1.emc.lab
SmartConnect Service IP:
IP Pool: – .25

The first command Add-DnsServerZoneDelegation is creating the zone delegation for our SmartConnect zone “isilonc1.emc.lab”. Furthermore it does create a A-record for the SmartConnect Service IP with the name “sc-sip.emc.lab” if it does not yet exist.

Optionally you can create with Add-DnsServerResourceRecordPtr the corresponding PTR for the IP Pool to enable reverse lookups. To do this in one line I created a “for” loop which will create a PTR resolving to “isilonc1.emc.lab” for the IPs ending with 21 to 25.

These commands are only available starting with Powershell v4 and Windows Server 2012!

You can find more information to EMC Isilon SmartConnect in this Whitepaper: h8316-wp-smartconnect.pdf

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2 thoughts on “creating Microsoft DNS zone delegation with powershell for Isilon SmartConnect

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      Christopher Banck

      The A records are served by the nameserver specified in the delegation for zone “isilonc1.emc.lab”. This is not a “normal” nameserver, it is an integrated nameserver on the EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS System to achieve a load balancing to its nodes. It does not have to be configured beside entering the zone name.
      I updated the post to include a link to the Isilon SmartConnect Whitepaper.