EMC Efficiency Assessment

Are you an existing VNX or CLARiiON customer?
Yes, then you can leverage the free service by EMC to get an overview of your storage system.

Just go to EMC Efficiency Assessment and submit one SPCollect and up to seven days of NAR/NAZ files. Bundle the files into a single zip per system and upload.

After some time you will be able to view your storage system either online:

or you can download a Powerpoint presentation:

This service is leveraging Mitrend Big Data to analyze your system. Furthermore there is also a version for EMC partners and employees who can analyze a broad range of 3rd party storages, Exchange, VMware, Windows, Backup Applications…
Just ask your partner or EMC rep!

If you are not familar with generating and retrieving SPcollect and NAR/NAZ files, please read on.

How to gather required files:

  1. Open a Unisphere Session to your VNX/CLARiiON and go to “System”
  2. “Generate Diagnostic Files” for one SP
  3. after a couple of minutes you will be able to retrieve the file via “Get Diagnostic Files”: a file like “CKM00134502464_SPA_2013-12-16_08-33-35_36b01a_data.zip”
  4. go to “Statistics for Block”
  5. open “Performance Data Logging” settings and enter an inteval of 60 seconds, select “Periodic Archiving” and let it run for up to 7 days
  6. after 7 days open Unisphere again and retrieve the generated archives: multiple files of the type “CKM00134502464_SPA_2013-12-16_08-42-57-GMT_P01-00.nar” (either nar or naz)
  7. create a zip file including the SPcollect and the performance archives
  8. upload the zip to EMC Efficiency Assessment
  9. enjoy the output 🙂

And here are the corresponding screenshots:


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