Isilon OneFS 7.1: SmartPools Lab Setup

With the new OneFS 7.1 Virtual Appliance you can easily simulate a multi-tier cluster, using Isilon SmartPools.
The Appliance is downloadable here:

In my Lab I started with a OneFS 7.1 Cluster consisting of 6 nodes:

Cluster Overview


By default these nodes are forming a node pool called “iq_vmware”:

Current Capacity Usage one Pool

In the next step we are going to create two node pools manually:
a three node S200 and a three node X400 pool.

Start a ssh session to the cluster and issue following commands:

isi storagepool nodepools create S200 --lnns 1-3
isi storagepool nodepools create X200 --lnns 4-6

Back in the Web GUI do a refresh and you can see the result:

Current Capacity Usage two Pool

At this point we only logically grouped the nodes differently. No data is moved!

To actually separate Data you can modify the “Default File Pool Protection Settings”. Change the “Data storage target” from “anywhere” to “X200”.

Default File Pool Protection Settings

To immediately apply changes start the “SmartPool” Job via “Cluster Management -> Job Operations”. The “SmartPool” Job will apply the policy change and move the data.

Current Capacity Usage

Furthermore you can create for example a SmartPool Policy to set the data storage target to our “fast” S200 node pool based on a path. There are many more filter capabilities you can apply to your cluster to take advantage of SmartPools.

File Pool Policies


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3 thoughts on “Isilon OneFS 7.1: SmartPools Lab Setup

    • Christopher Banck

      if you’re an existing EMC customer, just ask your EMC Rep or your Partner to help you with the download. You will also need them to generate a license key for you.
      If you are not yet a customer dm me @ChrisBanck

  • Fred

    Thanks for this information.
    I am not an EMC customer, but I would love to play with the OneFS 7.1 Virtual Appliance.
    Is there another link to download the Isilon?

    Thank you very much.