Isilon OneFS 7.1: What’s new

On October 30th Isilon OneFS 7.1 (Waikiki) went General Available!

This is a major release for EMC Isilon and brings a lot of new great stuff and further increases the capabilities of Isilon:

What’s new in OneFS 7.1:



Isilon now offers a post-process deduplication engine, called SmartDedupe. The granularity is 8kb and the deduplication domain is a node pool. It can be enabled on a directory level and has a dry run capability.



Besides the two existing initiation methods: “Only manually” and “On a schedule”, SyncIQ now offers a new one: “Whenever the source is modified”.
This method is replicating changes that are made to the source data immediately to the target cluster.



You can now leverage up to 20.000 snapshots on a cluster. The previous OneFS releases were limited to 2048.
The limit per directory is still 1024 snapshots, which is probably enough…


Job engine:

The OneFS job engine received a major redesign. Multiple Jobs (3 by default) are now running in parallel and are grouped together by Priority, Exclusion Set and Cluster Health. Furthermore does the engine not only take CPU into account for throttling but also disk usage. Monitoring and stats gathering can be done by InsightIQ.



IPv6 and incremental forever is now supported for NDMP operations. Incremental backups leverage snapshots to quickly identify changed files and reduce backup time.



OneFS 7.1 allows you to manually create and manage your own node pool by splitting nodes off of a smartpool. This can be done on the fly without any downtime.



OneFS now supports third party file access auditing over SMB, using the Common Event Enabler (CEE). You can find supported third party applications in the Isilon Third Party Software and Hardware Compatibility Guide.


Data at Rest Encryption (DARE):

OneFS provides a key-management solution that supports Isilon nodes that are populated with self-encrypting drives (SEDs). In this release does the complete Cluster have to be build of SED drives.


EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS) Gateway:

Isilon clusters support ESRS Gateway as an alternative to SupportIQ. This allows you to have a common remote support tool for all your EMC equipment.


Platform API:

Job Engine, SyncIQ and Smartpools are now accessible through the Platform API.


Clusterwide Event Log (CELOG):

OneFS reduces duplicate event notifications by compressing events at the kernel level. Enhanced coalescing of redundant events further moderates the appearance of duplicate events.
You can view every event produced by your cluster, including compressed and coalesced events, in the updated events log.


OneFS in general:

Besides these remarkable features a whole bunch of improvements have happened under the covers. These have led to an even more robust platform and more performance!

Go download the updated virtual Isilon nodes and get familiar with the nice new features in your lab!


New Documentations on

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