using dnsmasq on mac os for local development

Are you also editing your /etc/hosts file on you mac to have development domains? Are you annoyed of not being able to have wildcard domains? – If you answer yes than you are probably like me and have just been too lazy in the past to find a better solution. […]

Cloud Foundry Networking on Bosh-lite

This post is deprecated, as cf-networking-release  is now part of  cf-deployment and deployed by default! Cloud Foundry Networking is a new Cloud Foundry project, currently in incubation, which provides policy-based container networking for Cloud Foundry. This release allows for the first time in cloud foundry direct tcp and udp connection between containers. This blog […]

Deploying Cloud Foundry on Virtualbox using BOSH CLI v2

The BOSH CLI v2 greatly enhances the interaction and deployment of Cloud Foundry and other BOSH releases. The new release, at time of writing still in beta, is now written in Golang, which allows it to be distributed by a simply binary without dependencies. There is even support for Windows […]

Vagrant 101: An introduction

Not everyone is familiar with Vagrant, therefore here is a 101 introduction into Vagrant. Vagrant is an open source automation tool, initially developed by Mitchell Hashimoto in early 2010. Since the end of 2012 is Vagrant backed by a company called HashiCorp, which was formed by Mitchell to better support […]

creating a VMware CentOS 7 Template

This post will help your creating a CentOS 7 Template for VMware. Getting started Install CentOS 7 on any VMware virtualization product with “Minimal Install” for the software selection. You can find the most recent install image here. Please use a VM hardware version of 10, if you want to […]

Dockerize and Secure WordPress

I dockerized and secured, using SSL, my WordPress Blog in one swing! Looking at your address bar you should see a shiny lock symbol. I mainly wanted to protect my WordPress admin login but on the other hand also add some privacy in general. Secondly moving my blog to a WordPress […]

New Relic with Python on Cloud Foundry

This post describes the required steps to leverage New Relic application monitoring with Python on Cloud Foundry. For the following I assume that you have a Cloud Foundry account with a New Relic service in the marketplace. (I’m using Pivotal Web Services) To get started with Python, or more specific Django, […]

Migrated blog to WordPress

finally I managed to migrate my blog from Blogger to my own WordPress installation! Yey! 🙂 A few things worth mentioning: There are a few reasons why I wanted to migrate but the most annoying thing to me was syntax highlighting.  I’m having a lot of posts with source code […]

Deploying a Django Application to Cloud Foundry

In this post I’ll describe the required steps to configure a Django Pyhton Application for Cloud Foundry. Cloud Foundry Cloud Foundry (CF) is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution developed mainly by the company Pivotal. Cloud Foundry is controlled by the Cloud Foundry Foundation where, among others,EMC, […]

Cloud Foundry

remove packages including unused dependencies on Red Hat Linux

Very often you install a package just for short usage. Most of the time do these packages install a lot of dependencies along with it. After you don’t require the package anymore you remove it but the dependencies are not removed. Every unused package increases the security risk and it […]